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  • Community SederRelive the exodus, discover the eternal meaning of the Haggadah, and enjoy a community Seder complete with hand-baked matzah, wine, and a wonderful kosher dinner spiced with unique traditional customs.More information
  • How to Celebrate Lag BaOmerVisit our minisiteRead More
  • Who’s That Knocking at My Door?What do you do when the collectors come around?Read More
  • Bake Linzer Tarts with MiriamRead More
  • Why Is Challah Braided?The six days of the week are the paradigm of diversity. Perhaps the braiding of the challah...Read More
  • Was That a Blessing or a Curse?"You will plant and won’t harvest; you will bring in and won’t bring out; you will bring out
    Read More
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Go, eat your bread joyfully and drink your wine with a merry heart, for G-d has already accepted your deeds
Ecclesiastes 9:7
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