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  • Car Menorah ParadeJoin us & cheer us on at the largest Chanukah Car Menorah Parade in town! Starting in Robbinsville and driving throughout Mercer County and ending off at Mccafreys of Princeton for a festive Chanukah Celebration! Starting at 7 PM on Saturday, December 20th!
  • The Eighth SphereThe darkness itself is the solutionRead More
  • Chanukah Miracle in the Emergency RoomGently, the doctor breaks the devastating news to Debbie that Mark probably won't surviveRead More
  • Let's Make Classic Potato LatkesTraditional potato latkes are essential for every Chanukah partyRead More
  • Painting of the Week: National MenorahRead More
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In everything that G-d taught Moses, He would tell him both the manner of contamination and the manner of purification. When G-d came to the laws concerning one who comes in contact with a dead body, Moses said to Him: "Master of the universe! If one is thus contaminated, how may he be purified?" G-d did not answer him. At that moment, the face of Moses turned pale.
When G-d came to the section of the Red Heifer, He said to Moses: "This is its manner of purification."...
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Shabbat & Holidays
Candle Lighting Times
Princeton, NJ

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