Wednesday, April 5th
Shachris - Siyum for first born: 7:30am

First Seder 7:30pm

Thursday, April 6th, First day Pesach 
Shabbat/Holiday Services: 10am
Followed by Festive Pesach

Second Seder: 7:30pm

Friday, April 7th, Second Day Pesach
Holiday/ Services: 10am  
Followed by Festive Pesach Kiddush. 

Shabbat, April 8th, First Day of Chol Hamoed
Shabbat Services: 10am
Followed with Kiddush 

Sunday, April 9th | Chol Hamoed
Shachris: 9:00am

Monday, April 10th - Tuesday, April 11th, Chol Hamoed
Shachris: 7:30am

Wednesday, April 12, Seventh Day of Pesach
Holiday Services: 10am
Followed with Festive Pesach Kiddush 

Thursday, April 13, Last Day of Pesach
Holiday Services: 10am - Yizkor
Followed with Festive Pesach Kiddush/special meal for Moshiach